Imams of Makkah and Madinah brings to light importance of Supplication and solidarity between leadership and individuals during Coronavirus Crisis

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Makkah/Madinah (April 03, 2020 SPA) — Imam of the Grand Mosque (Alharam) in Makkah brought to light today the importance of supplication (Dua), and the Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah praised the solidarity between the leadership and individuals during coronavirus crisis.

In his Friday sermon delivered at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Sheikh Dr. Bandar ibn Abdulaziz Balilah, detailed the benefits of supplication, noting that supplication saves from distress and distract badness.

He concluded that supplication is also a key to change and a good source for victory, especially if it is accompanied by the power of certainty and persistence.

In Madinah, Sheikh Abdulbari Al-Thobaiti, stated that, in light of the current global crisis caused coronavirus, every person in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lauded the cohesion that is embodied between the leadership and individuals.

He added that the leadership seeks to enact regulations and procedures to protect lives and preserve interests, while the individuals are aware of their role to adhere to instructions and guidelines.

He pointed out that overcoming this crisis will be by Allah’s grace, his mercy and kindness, then with more solidarity.

He stated that, in light of this pandemic, businessmen and intellectuals should sense their religious and national duty in such events to mitigate the effects of this crisis.


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