Pakistan Rearrests 4 Men in Daniel Pearl Case

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After a provincial court overturned the men’s convictions in the American journalist’s kidnapping and death, Pakistani officials moved quickly to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Government of Pakistan is well aware of the facts of the judgement issued by the Honorable Sindh High Court in Daniel Pearl case, dated 2nd April 2020.

Federal Government is concerned about the decision however, as per constitutional scheme of things prosecution in criminal matters is a provincial subject, therefore similar concern has been shared with the Government of Sindh.

With reference to this, the Government of Sindh has decided to file an appeal next week against the said judgement in the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan in order to ensure that the ends of justice are met.

Government of Pakistan has asked Government of Sindh to dedicate its best resources in the pursuance of appeal before the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Government of Sindh has been advised to consult Attorney General for Pakistan in the matter as well. In the meantime, all the accused in the said case have been arrested and detained under Section 3(1) of the West Pakistan Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960 for a period of 3 months pending filing of the appeal in the apex court.

Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan reiterates its commitment to follow due process under the laws of the country to bring terrorists to task.

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