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    In the coming days, locust attacks from India, Iran, Africa and Oman are feared. This statement was made by Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Syed Fakhr Imam while talking to media on Friday. He further said that the efforts of the institutions for the eradication of locusts were commendable.

    An operation is underway to eradicate locusts in the affected areas. Syed Fakhr Imam said that we are also in touch with international organizations for eradication of locusts. We are increasing their ability to destroy the locusts.

    The Federal Minister said that 5 helicopters of Pakistan Army are being used. Syed Fakhr Imam said that special types of aircraft are used for anti-locust operation and special training is also given to the pilots. Due to the NLCC, a joint effort is being made to control the locust. In Pakistan, locusts are entering DI Khan and Waziristan from Afghanistan through a new corridor.

    Syed Fakhr Imam said that NDMA has ordered 11 aircraft. He alsoappreciated efforts of anti locusts team. Micron spears are also being used. 20 micron spears were provided by the UK and the FAO. Syed Fakhr Imam said that his ministry is recruiting 100 entomologists. In this regard, we are grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    After that, the meeting of the NLCC began under chairmanship of Federal Minister Syed Fakhar Imam and Engineer-in-Chief Lt. Gen. Moazzam Ijaz. In which Dr. Mubarak described the latest situation of locust by FAO. He said that locusts have started breeding in Africa, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

    In addition, due to rains in July,locusts may breed in Thar Parker. And there is an urgent need to control the hopper band in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Federal Minister Syed Fakhr Imam also asked SUPARCO to help eradicate locusts.

    Dr. Wasim, Food Security Commissioner informed the audience that 358661 sq. Km area has been surveyed and 8936 sq. Km area has been controlled so far. Praising this, the Federal Minister said that a survey has been conducted on almost half of the country in the last four months. But the survey should be made more effective.

    The Foreign Secretary said that his ministry was in touch with the FAO and African countries to eradicate locusts. All provinces also shared their updates information on locusts. Engineer-in-Chief Lt. Gen. Moazzam Ijaz assured all the provinces that NLCC, NDMA and Pakistan Army would help in eradicating locusts at all levels.

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